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    TOCA is an homage to the City we call home. Though not all of us were born here; we help make this diverse metropolitan area the most culturally rich destination in North America. TOCA is a culinary journey through the neighborhoods of our city with a “back to basics” approach with heavy focus on the Mediterranean boroughs. A celebration of the mélange of ethnicities from around the globe using their flavors and influences to take you back in time when food was simple; and the binding of family and friends to reconnect, unwind and enjoy each others company. TOCA is an experience; casual, yet refined with small plates meant for sharing, delivered with the warmth and hospitality that Canadians are renowned for. Come and re-discover TOCA for the first time, and fall in love with the familiar warmth of The Authentic Culinary Trade that was perfected by the families that migrated to the City we now refer to as TOronto CAnada.

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